We are champagne Loving sisters and best friends. After years of coordinating Weddings, we've decided to transition into the design,, decor, stationery and floral side of the business. It is a creative outlet for us.

"We decided to go into business when we informally coordinated a friend's wedding in October 2010. People kept asking the mother of the bride where she found the "wedding planners". For months after the wedding, the bride and the mother of the bride kept asking us when we were going into business. With the encouragement of our friends and family we finally said, why not?"


Something You Should Know...

Guilty Pleasures: Shoes and Champagne
3 words to describe us: witty, thoughtful, honest
Something Secret: We watch reality tv and love it
Favorite Destinations: Paris, Rome, Las Vegas, & sunny beaches
Talents: innate sense of organization, eye for detail, uncanny intuition, and finding creative solutions
Quote: "Life is what you make it!" Our grandma would always say this and we believe it!
Something Sweet: When we live apart, we sip champagne together on the telephone and talk for hours
Celebrity Crush: Jimmy Fallon